A buddhist meditation group practicing in Bloomington—Normal, Illinois

Our group meets every Sunday Evening from 6:00-7:30 in the Walker Room of the UUBN located at 1613 E. Emerson Bloomington, IL.

We follow a fixed routine: 20 minutes of sitting meditation, 20 minutes of walking meditation, and another 20 minutes of sitting meditation. A chime marks the transitions between meditation periods. The meditations are followed by 30 minutes of discussion usually relating to a chapter of a book we are reading, essay, article, or pre-recorded talk. Participation in the discussion is always optional.

Practitioners use chairs, cushions and blankets or benches for the seated portion and the (optional) walking portion is done either inside or outside. Chairs and few cushions are available for use.

Everyone is welcome so please join us (plan on arriving 5-10 min early as we start the meditation right at 6:00). We offer basic meditation instruction to visitors, if needed.


Who Are We?

The Buddhist Meditation Group at UUBN began meeting in 2009. Interim minister, Marcia Marino offered to start a group to learn about and practice Buddhist meditation. Marcia shared leadership and we read A Path With Heart by Jack Kornfield. The meditation community continued to meet when Marcia's term ended in the summer of 2010. The weekly leadership and ongoing responsibilities of the group have been shared by members.

In addition to the weekly meditation sessions, the group usually hosts half-day and full-day silent retreats three or four times a year. The number of participants varies from 5-15 from the current e-list of 90+. The members are from the regional area and have access to the readings and resources for meditation practice as well as the schedule for upcoming events. (group agreements)


The benefit of practicing meditation with others in a community setting is enormous. The support we get in group meditation increases the sense of connection we feel with others in a way that solo meditation cannot provide.