Half Day Local Retreat in June!

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for – a half day of meditation! On Saturday, June 14th, we’ll provide the space, you provide the entertainment (your mind). We’ll meet from 9:00am until noon for a series of sitting and walking/open meditations. After the retreat, if anyone is interested,we’ll go somewhere for lunch. Here are the […]

Meditation Group Lending Library at the Website

From Greg: We have a new website feature I’m calling Member Bookshelf. It’s a kind of group lending library for our Buddhist books. http://www.bnmeditation.com/books/ Group members interested in lending their books can display their collections on our site. Others may browse all the titles and directly request any books they’d like to borrow. I thought […]

This week at meditation April 13

Hi BN Meditation, This week at meditation, we will “Check in with our practice” during the discussion time. How is it going? What challenges are you facing with it? Or anything else you want to say. I will go around the group and welcome everyone to speak, while also allowing that some will simply say […]

sunday meditation and housekeeping

Dear Sangha, We will have meditation in the Walker Room Sunday, April 6th at 6:30 PM – 8PM as usual.  Jeff will be providing a dharma talk for us to listen to and discuss, if desired, during the last portion of our meeting. Thanks Jeff! Housekeeping: Send emails to Carolyn cjmoon@mac.com after Sunday meditation April […]

Upcoming retreat in Plano IL

Dear Sangha, There is an upcoming retreat on April 25-27 at the LaSalle Manor Retreat Center. It is a nice 48 hour retreat that is very do-able for relative beginners and busy people wanting a short getaway. Several of our members have gone in recent years. The host group, Lakeside Buddha Sangha (of Evanston ) […]

last 2 weeks dharma talks

Dear Sangha, I am adding the last two dharma talks to our webpage as well and sending them to you directly. (They will take an hour or so to show on the webpage, but you will find recent talks there) March 23, 2014 Rupert Spira on How do I Practice Self Inquiry? March 30, 2014 […]

Meditation and new website!

Beautiful Sangha, Exciting news is that we have a website, thanks to Greg! It is up and running. The primary purpose is to improve ease of communication and to make our group seachable for people trying to find a sangha in our area. http://www.bnmeditation.com/ Sunday evening meditation is as usual at 6:30 in the Walker […]