Hi BN Meditation,
This week at meditation, we will "Check in with our practice" during the discussion time. How is it going? What challenges are you facing with it? Or anything else you want to say. I will go around the group and welcome everyone to speak, while also allowing that some will simply say "pass." Participation in discussion is always optional. I will ring the bell and start discussion.

We also need a leader for next week, April 20. I will bring a sign up clipboard for anyone in the group to pick a day to lead. This entails acting as a timer (a kitchen timer or phone timer works fine) and introducing a discussion. You might want to bring a recorded dharma talk, or send out an article in advance. It could be as simple as throwing out a discussion topic or reading a poem or asking a question about meditation or Buddhism or a related topic. Your choice.

Also, if you haven't already, check out our website which contains previous dharma talks, meeting times, descriptions of walking and sitting meditation and a lot more.



Dear Sangha,

We will have meditation in the Walker Room Sunday, April 6th at 6:30 PM - 8PM as usual.  Jeff will be providing a dharma talk for us to listen to and discuss, if desired, during the last portion of our meeting. Thanks Jeff!


Send emails to Carolyn after Sunday meditation April 6th and for the next 2 weeks (instead of me) for group related communication.

Additional email coming with a question.



Dear Sangha,

There is an upcoming retreat on April 25-27 at the LaSalle Manor Retreat Center. It is a nice 48 hour retreat that is very do-able for relative beginners and busy people wanting a short getaway. Several of our members have gone in recent years. The host group, Lakeside Buddha Sangha (of Evanston ) follows the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and the dharma teachings are based on that style of Buddhism but the retreat is open to all interested parties. Basic dorms are available and food is vegetarian and they accommodate vegans or GF as well. The grounds are fantastic for walking meditation and contemplation. You can print out and reserve your spot by mail through their main website, which is linked to the event page below. Highly recommended.

Signup deadline April 18th!


Happiness and the Energy of Mindfulness
April 25-27, 2014

LaSalle Manor Retreat Center
12480 Galena Road, Plano, IL 60545-9522
Hosted by Lakeside Buddha Sangha
Facilitated by Dharma Teachers Jack and Laurie Lawlor

Come immerse yourself in mindfulness in a beautiful country setting. This primarily silent weekend includes sitting meditation, indoor and outdoor walking meditation, Dharma talks, and small group discussion. Meditation instruction is provided.

last 2 weeks dharma talks

April 1st, 2014


Dear Sangha,

I am adding the last two dharma talks to our webpage as well and sending them to you directly. (They will take an hour or so to show on the webpage, but you will find recent talks there)

March 23, 2014 Rupert Spira on How do I Practice Self Inquiry?

March 30, 2014  Eckhart Tolle on Enlightenment


Meditation and new website!

March 29th, 2014


Beautiful Sangha,

Exciting news is that we have a website, thanks to Greg! It is up and running. The primary purpose is to improve ease of communication and to make our group seachable for people trying to find a sangha in our area.

Sunday evening meditation is as usual at 6:30 in the Walker Room at UUBN for 3 sessions and a discussion at the end. All are welcome to participate in the discussion or not. This week, Ben is providing a dharma talk for us to watch/listen to and reflect on and/discuss. Thanks Ben.

Next week will be a "how's the practice going" session for those who want to share their joys and frustrations of practice at this time in the journey.

Join us!



Greetings Sangha!

Today we are meeting as usual in the Walker Room at UUBN for 6:30 meditation. We will listen/watch a dharma talk by Rupert Spira and discuss it afterward. If there is time, we can discuss possible book pick for a little later (group read)

Greg is working on a basic website so people can find us on a google search, this is great news! I will post it when he gives the go ahead. Thank you Greg!

Thank you Jeff for finding the video clips and screening for us. We will need someone to volunteer to find one for March 30th, next Sunday.


BMGBookIdeasMarch2014 (.doc)