upcoming opportunities to practice: audio series and locally

Dear Sangha,

There is an upcoming retreat hosted by Bloomington Normal Zen group as well as a recommendation for deepening your practice with a series of audio talks by many teachers, available in the link that Jeff has shared.

Opportunity #1

Message from Jeff O:

I’ve been listening to an excellent audio-book called Waking Up from Sounds True (also available on Audible.com). It’s an in-depth series of interviews of 34 different teachers on what spiritual awakening means to them.  It’s an amazing span of teachings and, often, very direct pointing to awareness itself. Some teachers, frankly, didn’t speak to me at all while others were riveting.  I highly recommend this as a way to broaden your understandings, enrich your practice, and open you to the wide range of teachings and teachers out there.  Jeff O., link here:

Opportunity #2:
Here is a message from our sister sangha in town, Bloomington Normal Zen.  They will be hosting a mediation event with Zuiko Redding, a terrific teacher who visits the area periodically for retreats.  Here are the details from Terry Crutcher of Bloomington Normal Zen:  (posted by Karen)

It is Terry Crutcher from the Bloomington Normal Zen group.  I wanted to reach out to you and invite you to a half day sitting with Zuiko Redding who is the Resident teacher from the Cedar Rapids Zen Center.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  If you could share this with anyone you like that would be fantastic.  I just want you all to feel welcome. : )
Here is a copy of the Schedule.
Half-day sitting
Schedule for half day Sesshin with the Bloomington Normal Zen group
Saturday September 12th   –  6:00 am – 12:00 pm   

Location:   Crutcher Academy  109 W. Mill, suite #1  Bloomington Illinois, 61701
                6:00 – 6:10 am  Opening/Instructions from Zuiko
                6:10 – 6:50     Zazen
                6:50 – 7:00      Kinhin
                7:00 – 7:40      Zazen
                7:40 – 8:00      Service  
                8:00 – 8:30      Breakfast    (oatmeal, fruit, nuts and tea/coffee)
                8:30 – 8:45      Break
                8:45 – 9:25     Zazen
                9:25 – 9:35      Kinhin
                9:35 – 10:15    Zazen
                                10:15 –10:45     Dharma Talk
                                            10:45 – 11:25       Zazen
                                            11:25 – 11:35       chant “Fukanzazengi”
                                            11:35 – 12:00 pm   Closing/check in and  tidying up
Sesshin instructions from Zuiko
This half day Sesshin is open to all practitioners. We will have cushions (zafus and zabutons) or benches for you to sit on.  If you have your own zafu/zabuton please bring them.  Please arrive when you can and leave when you need to. If you are new to zazen and need to take a break it’s just fine to take a zazen period to sit quietly in a chair or take a walk to stretch. 
A vegetarian breakfast will be provided.
During zazen it is our goal to sit in stillness, though sometimes we may need to change position because of pain or discomfort.  If you need to move, just gassho (bow with hands together) to warn your friends sitting close by, then rearrange your position. If you are not able to use a bench or cushion right now, we have chairs to sit on.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
With a deep gassho,
Terry Crutcher