New zoom meeting link for meditation group

Hi all, Nancy, the kind office manager at UUBN, helped us get a new and better Zoom  room for Meditation Group tonight, next week and beyond if necessary.  Please follow the link (“Join Zoom Meeting”) below to join us for meditation at 6:00 followed by reading/discussion at 7:00.  We have the “room” a little early […]

Zoom meeting invitation – Meditation Group UUBN

Dear Beautiful Meditators, Since we’re not able to meet at UUBN for our usual meditation group, we’re going to try a Zoom meeting. Please download the Zoom app to your phone, iPad, or sign up on your computer. It’s very simple to use. We will follow our regular format: 20 minutes sitting, 20 minutes walking/sitting, […]

Dharma talk from Dave

Hi Beautiful Meditators, Dave Shannahan, another one of our regulars and a member of our steering committee, shares the following with you.  This is the first part of a longer work that some of us can read and maybe discuss or reflect on together soon.   Peace, Carolyn The Way It Is. Dharma talks given […]

Group member recommendation

Dear Beautiful Meditators, Here’s a note from Claire, one of our regulars: I hope this email finds you well during our challenging times. You may already be familiar with this person’s work, but felt the desire to share. Wondering if the group would be interested in and benefit from a virtual retreat? All the best to you […]

Meditation group

Dear beautiful meditators,Although we are practicing social distancing for the good of our larger community, we can still be a resource to each other. If anyone in our community needs help please reach out here.  In the mean time, daily practice can help us deal better with stress and help us feel more connected.  Below […]

BN Meditation Group Cancelled due to Covid-19

Dear Beautiful Meditators, The church is suspending all meetings and groups of any size. Meditation group is cancelled for 3/15 and 3/22 for now. We may have to extend the dates that we cannot meet, but I will keep you updated in the coming weeks. Please be safe and meditate at home or with a […]

Our group’s Ten Year Anniversary

Dear Beautiful Meditators, The meditation group at UUBN is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month in November. No one recalls the exact date that UU minister Marino, who identified as a UU and a Buddhist, gathered us in the Fell room to introduce us to sitting and walking meditation, but we are pretty sure […]